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Iran’s Mirhashem Hosseini gains outstanding gold medal of Rome Grand Prix

The first round of Grand Prix Taekwondo competitions in 2019, which was held in Rome, Italy, on Ju...
08:31   6/11/2019

Iran’s Soroush Ahmadi stands second in 2019 world Taekwondo Championships

Motivated young Iranian Taekwondo athlete, Soroush Ahmadi, grabs the silver in the 2019 World taek...
08:36   5/25/2019


In the 2019 world Taekwondo Championships;

Armin Hadipour gains worthy World bronze medal

Armin Hadipour, the go-getter Iranian Taekwondo athlete, reached the World Championships Semifina...
08:23   5/25/2019

17-year-old Iranian girl stands second in 2019 Manchester World Taekwondo Championships

17-year-old Iranian taekwondo athlete Mahla Momenzadeh grabs the silver in the 2019 World Taekwon...
13:21   5/19/2019


IRI Men's Taekwondo Team stood on the 3rd place at the end of Word Taekwondo Championships2017

At the end of 23rd World taekwondo Championships, IRI Men's Taekwondo Team got the 3rd place....
15:01   7/3/2017

Armin Hadipour-Silver medalist of World Taekwondo championships 2017

Armin Hadipour got the silver medal after that he lost to Korean athlete....
20:58   6/25/2017

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Training of IRI Women's National Team to World Taekwondo Championships/2

Training of IRI Women's National Team to World Taekwondo Championships

Return of National team from World Championships(2017)

World Championships2017(12)

World Championships2017(11)

World Championships2017(10)

World Championships2017(9)

World Championships2017(8)

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